Sometimes, you just can’t seem to actually do the things you want to do. Whether that be writing that idea that has been stuck in your head, reading more books, performing a poem, or any other word-related topic. Well, we are here to bring you some extra -external- motivation. KL!NK Houses!

KL!NK Houses are meant to motivate you to get to know KL!NK, its various activities, and of course, your fellow klinkers and medeklinkers. By doing various KL!NK-related things, you can earn points for your house. At the end of the quartile, the house with the most points will win. Simple!

There are three houses, all based around a literary theme. The first is Whimsy’s Haven, home of the whimsical, fantastical, and absurd. Next is Ponderer’s Palace, home of thoughtful poetry, philosophical writing, and insightful literature. Last but not least is Reality’s Refuge, home of realism in all its forms; from the beauty of nature to the hardships of life.

To join a house, simply join the corresponding group chat from the KL!NK WhatsApp Community. You can always change later and it is all very low-key, but a good way to bond with fellow klinkers and find out about what KL!NK has to offer.

How do I earn points for my house you ask? Well you can earn points for all sorts of things, attending activities, submitting a written piece for publishing, having fun with your fellow klinkers and medeklinkers and many more things. For the whole list go to this page: