Welcome to KL!NK

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The Eindhoven student creative writing, literature and spoken word association

Creative Writing Sessions + Writing Circle

Every Monday from 19:45 to 20:45, KL!NK hosts a Creative Writing session. During these sessions, we do not care about quality; we just WRITE! If you want to give it a try, just walk in, you do not need to sign up. For more long-term projects, we also have a writing circle to help you write your dream novel.

Book Club

Every week we meet with a small group to discuss the book we are currently reading. We start a new book every quarter. If you would like to join, visit the Book Club page on the website to learn how!

Open Podiums

Every quartile, we organise one Open Podium. Here, everyone can come and perform their poetry, short stories, or other spoken word performances. Or, of course, you can just come and watch!


Book Presentation

June 13, 2024



End of the year Dinner

July 5, 2024